Humane Trapping and Removal for Smaller Infestations

While falconry-based bird abatement is our primary focus, it is best-suited to large outdoor infestations such as crop fields, landfills, golf courses and sports complexes. With smaller numbers of nuisance birds, East Coast Falcons will humanely trap and remove the pests as a more cost-effective alternative to using our falcons.

We sometimes include trapping as an ancillary service in conjunction with a falconry program to reduce a large starling or pigeon population, or we might offer trapping and removal as a standalone program.

With starlings, for example, setting up perimeter traps can help reduce the bird population in an area – with or without falconry. Similarly, an infestation of pest birds inside a building is often managed most economically with trapping and removal rather than with bringing in a hawk.

Success Stories

East Coast Falcons has trapped and removed nuisance birds from airport buildings, retail stores of all sizes, apartment buildings, courthouses, private homes, and other locations. Trapping and removal can be the solution of choice for just a few birds or as many as 5,000, depending on the circumstances.

In one case, we were called in to remove a family of sparrows nesting inside a big box store. The adults had learned how to open and close the automatic doors by flying past the sensor. They would open the doors, go out to get food for their young, fly back in past the sensor to close the doors, and return to their nest.

Pigeons don't only create messes on sidewalks, window sills and rooftops; they also get inside city buildings in attic spaces just beneath the roof. East Coast Falcons was asked to trap and remove hundreds of long-term resident pigeons from the upper area of a county courthouse, for example. In a similar situation, a property manager called on us to trap and remove hundreds of pigeons that had been inhabiting the attic of an apartment building.

Once we've evacuated nuisance birds, East Coast Falcons will also contract to clean up the "residue" from the infestation – which we did in both of those cases.

Whatever your nuisance bird or animal situation, East Coast Falcons can devise a solution.
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