Our Falcons Make Your Location a Hostile Roosting Place

Over the years, the bird-abatement industry has developed countless solutions designed to stem crop losses, building infestations and the soiling of public places. Most East Coast Falcons customers have tried them all – propane canons, flying eyeballs, Mylar tape, scarecrows, kites that look like hawks, statues that look like owls, spikes on rooftops (birds perch on them), dog imprints (geese lie next to them), and more. They just don't work.

But raptors get the job done.

East Coast Falcon's professionals fly trained falcons, hawks and owls free, 2,000 to 3,000 feet over massive areas, to scare, harass and remove pest birds humanely and effectively. Much the way police park on a highway median to condition drivers to slow down, the mere appearance of our birds of prey, high in the air, spurs flocks of nuisance birds to leave an area.

We fly falcons during the day, owls during the night, to teach nuisance birds that they're roosting in the most hostile place ever. Sparrows, starlings, pigeons, seagulls, crows, Canada geese and other species are quick to relocate when they see the telltale shape of a raptor looming overhead. They know instinctively that any bird that doesn't flee from a falcon becomes prey.

For some abatement programs, East Coast Falcons uses dogs in conjunction with our birds to create a double threat – on the ground as well as in the air. Our dogs are great for goose control and ground prey, driving geese into the air where they flee to avoid our falcon.

Our dogs are also useful on their own. We use several breeds of dogs, large and small, selecting the animal(s) according to the task at hand and what we've contracted to accomplish.

Success Stories

At East Coast Falcons, we have undertaken some massive bird-abatement projects. One of the largest involved 85,000 to 100,000 seagulls infesting a huge garbage dump. Its operators had used every invention available to no avail. Our falcons cleared the area.

We've successfully removed hundreds of thousands of roosting birds – starlings, crows and others – from supermarket parking lots and town streets, sometimes in as little as two nights. In one municipality, officials were considering cutting down beautiful old linden trees because cars parked along the street at night were covered with bird droppings the next morning.

The town hired East Coast Falcons to come in and fly our raptors. The crows departed, and the trees lived.

Blueberry growers in a nearby state were losing 40% to 50% of their crop to a huge flock of starlings. We were so successful in driving the nuisance birds away that the owners were unprepared for their windfall harvest! East Coast Falcons bird abatement cut their losses to 2% to 4% – and kept their processors working overtime.

Whatever your problem with nuisance birds, East Coast Falcons can help.
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